Chinos-The New Trend Ongoing


What to Wear With Chinos

Men’s chinos

Chinos offer a great smart-casual alternative to jeans and a must in every man’s wardrobe. Choose from skinny chinos for a modern silhouette or men’s slim fit chinos for a timeless look, and team with a plain t-shirt. Neutral colors like stone and navy will become firm favorites but don’t be afraid of new fresh seasonal shades.

How to Wear Chinos

Colour is important, but the fit is key to pulling off chinos. Our biggest tip? Try chinos on and see how they complement your build and height. Fitted chinos will always work remarkably. They shouldn’t be too tight and most certainly not too baggy. Fitted chinos will elongate and streamline your aesthetic and also work well with tucked in lightweight button down shirts for easy, effortless styling. Nominate woven belts for a finishing touch that are effortless and will complement a youthful silhouette.


Chinos should never be too long. Hem chinos for a graduated, sleeker aesthetic that will look sharp rather than sloppy. Additionally, for a quick tailoring fix, cuff your chinos to complement brogues or loafers for a summery take on this classic staple. However, you approach tailoring, keep in mind the occasion and the season. Always remember that a shorter cut pant is youthful, but ensure they are not cut too high, to maintain a classicism.

What to Wear With Chinos

Chinos are remarkably easy to style. For a more casual aesthetic, opt for chambray and linen shirts tucked into slim chinos for a look perfect for sunny days. For a dressier take on chinos, opt for blazers in contrasting colours to amp up looks. Also, go for personal touches to produce a more nuanced look. Pocket squares and knitted ties will also work wonders to dress them up in a more relaxed manner.


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