Creative Resume Website Ideas


The Sectioned One-Pager

One Page Resume Template Theme

Since your resume is the story of you, the first resume idea I’d like to propose is the one-page resume that’s based on the popular website style called parallax. Now as you know, a single web page can be a thousand miles long, if you want to, so don’t worry about your resume being too short.

The benefits of the one-pager is that it allows you to tell your story to the viewer in a specific order. Whether you want to start with your professional achievements, your education, your previous positions and collaborations, or some interesting fact about yourself, it’s up to you. But by choosing the scrolling one-page resume idea, you’re choosing to say something important about the order in which you present your story.

That’s not to say of course, that scrolling should be the only navigation of your web resume. That would simple be annoying and impractical. Your online resume template should still provide a menu to help viewers quickly and easily navigate to specific places on your page.

In the one page resume template below, the static menu at the top provides an anchored navigation, while the alternating background colors help break up the long page into easily view able and digestible sections that the visitor can take in with a glance.

Another creative resume idea is to build your resume website using a timeline. Something like the old facebook newsfeeds, if you remember those.

The benefits of the timeline is that you can build quite a rigorous story line for your viewer to follow. Perhaps there’s much to be said about the development of your work and career, or maybe you want to outline the outstanding path of your education. Whatever it is, the timeline structure of this structured resume template can offer your reader a line to follow on your story, but in a more flexible and even “messier” layout than the parallax style.

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